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Knowhow Academy


⌊an Unheard History
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Let’s talk about us, the idea and those involved

This is the first menu (starting from the left) you will find. Here qe have collected the mission and aims that have inspired our Franchising Academy and a first sharing of our knowledge.

Under the section People you will meet the founders and co-fouders, the faculty and our knowledge tank and the partners that have made possible this project.

Hope we have mentioned all, some do operate in the background, other are in the front line but we all work together!

Come to know us!

Knowhow Franchising

the System
the Training


Head Masters

The Knowhow Franchising Academy: system and training

Our true value resides in this section. we are not a simple school, we do not have so called “teacher” but we do have traiing programs that develop skills and improve knowledge.

As we love to say, we have a single strategy: it’s called DOING THINGS.

The Knowhow Franchising System is based on three different journeys: discovery, Focus and Master… brouse through them and choose the perfect match for you goals.

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the Process
the Registration
Fees and expenses

Step by step, how to apply for you training

The admission process is designed not only to determine whether candidates are qualified for the different programs, but also whether the programs will meet each candidate’s expectations goals. Fill the form and you will recieve via emali all the necessary documentation. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and have to follow a specifi path, so as we say, first come first served.

Spoiler alert! The upload* section needs a password …

Contact us

A simple form for the specific issues. Suggestions and comments are always welcome.

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