Master Franchising Training

Magister Franchising Training

A program that integrates knowledge and skills

The Magister Franchising Training Programs provide the opportunity to develop and broaden knowledge and skills to prepare you for your future with or in the franchise system.

The program brings together faculty from all over the world, integrating leading management thinking with wider perspectives from the social sciences, engineering, and life sciences.

The last decade has brought countless new opportunities and challenges in the business world. Expanded connectivity, smart technologies, and increasing lifespans are changing how we think about work. What’s more, companies are becoming more global than ever before, and demographic changes are shifting economic power. More than ever, business leaders must be adaptable problem-solvers with a high degree of cultural intelligence.

The Magister Franchising Training Programs work like a hothouse for franchise specialists. Using a blended methodology we have created a learning system more in tune with the reality of the business worldwide, gaining advantages of a structure and framework without excessive rigidity.

Early registration will open on January

Magister Franchising Training Programs

It will be an intense program designed to make you know, think, act, and behave as a franchise Expert. It will last for about 3 months and is divided into two steps: Preparatory and Major.

During the Preparatory period, you will gain in-depth knowledge of all the aspects that you have to take into consideration to enter this world. Depending on your goals, after the Preparatory period, you will choose between three different majors: Franchisor, Franchise Manager or International Franchise Consultant

The educational trail will bring you through classrooms, seminars and practical activities. If provided, you will have the change to apply for an internship with brands both local or international.

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