KnowHow Franchising Academy Faculty

The Faculty

The KnowHow Franchising Academy Faculty it’s not a simple bunch of teachers or professors. It’s a selected pool of professionists in the world of franchising, coming form all over the world, and that have been leading operators at least in the last ten years.

This it why we call our teachers the Knowledge Tank, a real and active container of skills and knowledge acquired in years of practice and doing.

Most of them have companies that operates in the franchising business in many different countries, some are legal eagles with the international imprinting, all of them are real entrepreneur.

They all belong the KnowHow Franchising Academy Faculty or, in other words, those are the people who will lead you through our training programs. In some cases you’ll be guided directly from our Head Master, the only ones who are in charge of your complete learning program.

KnowHow Franchising Academy Faculty

KnowHow Franchising Academy Faculty and Knowledge Tank

The KnowHow Franchising Academy Faculty has become a reality only thank to the professionsts, collaborators, enterpreneurs that have litterlay married this project. We believe that knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.

Thanks to the constant practice and continuos exchange of information, best-practices, knowledge and competencies we have create a real franchising culture and collected it in our world wide Knowledge Tank. Some of them will be you teachers, others do work in the backstage to ensure our Training programs.

KnowHow Academy Faculty brazil_640 Marcelo Cherto
CEO Cherto Consulting
 KnowHow Academy Faculty finland_640 Henri Laakso
CEO FranCon Franchise Consulting
 france_640 Jean Samper
CEO ACFranchise
 KnowHow Franchising Academy Faculty switzerland Werner Erismann
Co-FOUNDER Uniko Sagl
 mexico_640 Ferenz Feher
CEO Feher & Feher Consulting
netherlands_640 Albert Koelewijn
CEO Koelewijn & Partners
spain_640 Santiago Barbadillo
CEO Barbadillo y Asociados
united_states_of_america_640 Roberto Litwak
Mgr Director Feher & Feher Consulting
KnowHow Franchising Academy Faculty Europe Valeria Affer
Lawyer CEO Affer Legal office
KnowHow Franchising Academy Faculty Europe Ireneo Zanella
TradeMarks and Patent Studio Zanella
KnowHow Franchising Academy Faculty switzerland Silvia Buzzi
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