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Partner Knowhow Franchising Academy IFCN

IFCN is a multi-national network formed by franchise consultants that can produce worldwide franchise consulting and franchisee recruiting services.
It’s members are the leading franchise consultancies around the world, and have the knowledge, skills and cultural expertise to help your business succeed in their country. Since 2003, IFCN has been promoting franchising as a way to grow businesses on a global scale.



Partner Knowhow Franchising Academy Quadrante

Born in 1993, Quadrante is recognized as the Italian leading company in franchising consultancy, development and recruiting.
In more than 20 years of activity it’s staff has worked both with worldwide brands (like Levis and Bialetti) and has contributed to different international projects (as Ticket Com). Currently the Managing director is also President of the international network IFCN.


Partner Europe

Partner Knowhow Franchising Academy Marketing Mix

MarketingMix offers, from 1994, creativeness at the best price. We are a 365° communication agency that gives attention to maximizing budgets that firms make available. MarketingMix is characterized by out-of-the-box solutions and from 2015 offers payment facilities and financial tailor made solutions to help companies manage to the best extent their cash flow, without abdicating the aim of the promotional investments.


Partner Knowhow Franchising Academy Profranchising

Profranchising is a consultant company specialized in the development of trademarks in franchising on the Swiss territory, a market with great growth potential, but with multiple challenges in legal, strategic and cultural field often underestimated by franchisor. Profranchising offers consultancy, development and legal services to those who deal with the franchise business

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