Franchising Academy Mission

KnowHow Franchising Academy Mission

Our aim

The KnowHow Franchising Academy Mission is simple and based on one single idea. The fastest way to create and develop economy is to give the entrepreneurs – and not only – the necessary skills to adopt this business method is. Franchising allows business to expand with limited capital, reducing financial risks and business complexity. Only few realize that, despite the global crisis, franchising is the only industry that keeps growing, supporting the evidence that franchising  represents one of the most widespread developing systems for business in today economies. 

The KnowHow Franchising Academy was established to promote franchising and to give the right instruments to use it at it’s best. Our training school is also dedicated to create three future careers: Franchisor, Franchise Manager and International Franchising Consultant

How we do it

The KnowHow Franchising Academy Mission  is to prepare entrepreneurs  for the new global market and to use franchising as a catalyst for the success of business and individuals.

Franchising Academy mission

We offer a vocational training that combines theory and practice to help business and people to develop a new profession

Franchising Academy mission

We realize high value training programs thanks to our international Knowledge Tank  to give better understanding of the different disciplines involved and to improve business practice.

Franchising Academy mission

We are committed, internationally, in sharing knowledges and application of franchising methods and in developing and sharing best practices

Franchising is an “ethical” and “win-win” way of doing business.

At the expense of consultants and advisors?

Not at all!

Advisors and consultants are essential actors for the development of a franchise project . The KnowHow Franchising Academy gives the key elements and the modus operands but the entrepreneur will always need prepared and competent professionals. Furthermore our Master programs have specific training programmes developed for the future international professionals.

Ethic code

Our ethic code is intended to be a central guide and reference for all those who are and will be part of our KnowHow Franchising Academy, both as Faculty or as Student. It is meant to clarify our mission, values and principles, linking them with our standards of professional conduct.

The KnowHow Franchising Academy mission is based on simple values:

Mission KnowHow Franchising Academy accomplishment

ACCOMPLISHMENT – Doing and finishing something successfully

Mission KnowHow Franchising Academy diversity

DIVERSITY – Embracing the diversity of individuals, ideas and perspectives to improve our unity

Mission KnowHow Franchising Academy excellence

EXCELLENCE – Delivering high-quality content and programs to our students that propel franchising forward

Mission KnowHow Franchising Academy integrity

INTEGRITY – Infusing high ethical standards into all efforts

Mission KnowHow Franchising Academy respect

RESPECT – Showing thoughtful consideration for all members, staff and others with whom we work

KnowHow Franchising Academy Mission trust

TRUST – Faithfully fulfilling our responsibilities to all those involved

Consistency and integrity allow the individual expression of thoughts, opinions and of the respective values during the learning pathway: in this way each will be responsible of his/her own objectives and results that must be pursue always with honesty and enthusiasm.

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